Fidesmo Android app

Fidesmo is a company that created a whole platform to digitize and connect payment cards and other contactless services to smart wearables, and to fill these wearables with digital services. For example: to make it possible for Mastercard to remotely and securely put a credit card information onto a Fidesmo enabled device like a watch, letting customers to use it for contactless payment without buy an expensive Apple watch.


Inside the platform, the Android app acts as a secure bridge between the server side logic related with the service provided and the secure element that will hold this service (this image is property of Fidesmo).


The app opens a https channel to the server together with a NFC or BLE channel to the device, letting the data and commands flows through the it. The service delivery involves many synchronous and asynchronous operations, so, in order to tame the complexity a Redux like framework is used inside.


One of the main challenges is that the app is used by engineers testing experimental services, customers using production services and by random users that buy and test Fidesmo enabled devices. The UI/UX design should be enough flexible to hold a broad spectrum of user-cases.



The app is integrated into a continuos integration pipeline built over Travis, Fabric and fastlane that provides a fast release pace of new features and bugs fixed.